1. LSD Heartbreak


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I was your fool
You were my favorite malady

Oh but you lied
In one single breath
You took it all from me

And I know I’m not the one
To be pointing any fingers
I know I can be shady as sin

I’m little unstable
Maybe had it coming
All I know is I need therapy

I need therapy

Maybe I knew
Maybe I always did inside
(Always did inside)

It’s no big surprise
We’re both shooting stars
Passing through the night

Now I’m a thousand miles away
Looking for that someone
Who can bury all this pain in the ground

Maybe I can move on
And make through this night
In the morning I’ll need therapy

I need therapy

I sit and wait for the sun to break
And pour one out for my mental state
Oh I wish we could’ve stayed in blissful ignorance
Played out false fantasies
But heaven’s only open on one night a week
The rest is gone away